About Bodyshape 
body shape has been manufacturing high quality gym equipments for almost A decade and has been improving millions of fitness centres across India . The gym is fast becoming one of the most important areas of the modern lifestyle.we have one of the widest range of gym equipments to match any theme that you may have in mind. All of our gym equipments are manufactured from the highest quality materials while paying close attention to the most minute of details.
Each body shape product is carefully crafted to satisfy our sophisticated customers that demand the very best . We at body shape strongly believe that our high quality gym equipments make your life easier and more enjoyable while taking care of your fitness business combined with years of Invaluable operating experiences and technical know-how in the gym equipments industry we launched a totally new brand body shape offering a line of gym Equipments that embodies the latest contemporary lifestyles with world class quality standards and innovations product features.
we have advanced R&D centres and outstanding engineering and technical team . Our R&D work has been compiled with international standards and has pass through the international quality system certification India's sleeping ahead and opportunities in gym equipments industry as tremendous we have our side set on him to take advantage of growing demand we are constantly innovating by sharing updated with the latest technology